Andrew Strong & Band (Star and lead singer from the hitmovie "The COMMITMENTS")

Ireland is famous for its outstanding musicians. This small country offers a stellar roster of international bands, from Thin Lizzy and U2 to the Cranberries, The Corrs, Dropkick Murphys and The Dubliners – and not forgetting its seven Eurovision Song Contest wins! The film industry, too, regularly celebrates massive successes with the participation of Irish artists. One of the most iconic representatives of the blend of music, movie and Ireland is naturally the musical comedy drama "The Commitments" – and one of the greatest singers in the movie is Andrew Strong.

Andrew Strong was the foremost voice of the 1992 cult movie "The Commitments". In his role as singer Deco Cuffe, he played a standout role in driving the movie’s success and the follow-up tours of the band it featured.

Andrew Strong and his band resumed worldwide touring in 2014. This powerful singer revives the classic songs of the Motown era in electrifying rock performances packed with musical pyrotechnics.

Andrew Strong's devotion to music, incredible presence and effortless command of the stage has impressed some of the music world's greatest stars including Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles, the Rolling Stones and Deep Purple, all of whom invited the Grammy nominee to share their concerts.

His passionate dedication to the music can be felt in every minute of every concert he performs, in his powerfully intense vocals, emotion-laden voice and youthful charm that captivate audiences from the first note. Experience Andrew Strong, and you experience a show packed with superlatives, full of spirit, ecstasy and enthusiasm.  

Rolling Stone: “Andrew Strong's mighty voice growls and rasps its way straight to the hearts of his listeners“.

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