BARBARA HELFGOTT  (first violinist at Vienna's Neue Oper and Wiener Kammeroper opera houses, presents a crossover programme from ABBA to Queen)

Barbara Helfgott: "Classical crossover productions are booming. For some artists they are a form of  self-fulfilment, for others a playground for musical experimentation. I believe they are a reflection of the age we live in."

Rondo Vienna: This all-women orchestral ensemble are the supreme embodiment of Viennese savoir-vivre; spirited, emotional and sensuous. After acclaimed performances in many European cities, Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Dubai, Israel and India, German fans too can now look forward to experiencing milestones of musical history in unusual and fascinating arrangements.

Rondo Vienna & Barbara Helfgott create an unconventional musical language that makes works by Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven refreshingly accessible to all. Yet the harmonious ensemble, under the leadership of outstanding virtuoso Barbara Helfgott, by no means restricts its musical choices to classical terrain; contemporary international pop and rock songs also receive the irresistibly stylish Rondo Vienna treatment.

Rondo Vienna & Barbara Helfgott succeed in creating a fusion of apparently contradictory musical styles from classical to pop. The ensemble perform as artists in their own right as well as providing accompaniment for prestigious soloists. 

Booking: Martin Raber


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