PINK FLOYD - giants of progressive- and art-rock, architects of great magic soundbuildings of unique musical beauty, ceremony masters of bombastic live-shows... - a monolith in the stream of rock history.

Superlatives are not enough to describe and honour the works of David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason sufficient. PINK FLOYD are one of the greatest bands on this planet an have already took their place in the hall of fame.

To cover the complex and extensive work of PINK FLOYD seems to be an impossible mission. This may be a reason for the fact, that there are only a few bands worldwide, which take this challenge: ECHOES inspire their audience with an almost perfect show of the works of PINK FLOYD. A trip to the Dark Side Of The Moon, from Ummagumma across Meddle, Animals, Wish You Were Here and The Wall, up to the post-Waters-era. And they also are performing songs, which weren't performed by the originals for very long time.

ECHOES are performing the music of PINK FLOYD authentical and magical. And though the bands show includes great light-effects, projections and pyro, the music is still the most important thing.

Extraordinary for a tribute band: In summer 2007 the band was invited to the "Night Of The Prog"-Festival on the legendary Loreley rock, where they shared the stage with acts like Asia, Jethro Tull, Fish, IQ and others.

So the audience can expect a very special live-event in real spectacular floydian ambience - "Wish You Were Here"!


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