Farewell to Childhood - 30th anniversary of Misplaced Childhood

The release of "Misplaced Childhood" heralded an international breakthrough for Marillion. Released in 1985, the band’s most significant and most commercially successful album included the two hit singles "Kayleigh" and "Lavender".

The charismatic Fish, former lead singer of the band, will perform the whole album live for the last time - Farewell to Childhood.


As one of the best-known figures in progressive rock, Fish is famous for delivering legendary performances that are often more like full-blown theatre shows. He has always been a notorious polarizer, causing a sensation whatever he does - from his early image with colourful face makeup to today's mature, seasoned performer who loves to entertain his audiences.

But throughout it all Fish is still Fish, always remaining true to himself and never bowing to persuasion or force, still creating music that bears all his personal hallmarks of quality.

exclusive booking: Dominik Dröse


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