Queen are unquestionably one of the most outstanding phenomena in recent musical history. The band that was impossible to pigeon-hole in a single style category was a distinctive force in music from the Seventies onwards.

The band's crowning glory was Freddie Mercury's unique voice, and its prominence was shaped by his dazzling personality. Mercury was an authentic 20th-century superstar, always fearless in seeking challenges in his solo projects too - such as "Barcelona", one of the most groundbreaking rock/classical albums ever released.

Mercury's tragic death in 1991 closed a chapter for Queen as the world lost another musical genius.

But his immense legacy is still with us, permeating global media even today.

The Dresden-based band MerQury was launched twenty years ago with the aim of celebrating Queen's fascinating music in a creative and thrilling performance.

And they most certainly succeeded. Even the most dyed-in-the-wool Queen fans are impressed by the show; it's as if Freddie Mercury had come back to life. The five musicians of MerQury have performed at home and abroad to enthusiastic audiences, presenting outstanding interpretations of the Queen classics with their own individual musical flair. MerQury can deservedly claim to be one of the most sought-after Queen tribute bands in the world.

It was only logical that MerQury would join forces with the Berlin Symphony Ensemble to broaden their own treatment of Queen's work. In addition to their lavish major project, "Queen Classical", featuring a full symphony orchestra, opera soloist and choir, this combination of classic rock band and string ensemble is a fascinating tour de force performance.

The characteristic hallmarks of the two genres of classical and rock complement each other perfectly in this stunning show. The stage presentation brings them superbly to life, expressed in the vivid musical textures of grandiose compositions from "Bohemian Rhapsody" to "We are the Champions".

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