NAZARETH makes a mighty comeback!

Proudly presenting the new singer, Carl Sentance!

Nazareth represented the first generation of hard ‘n’ heavy bands. Founded in 1968, Naza­reth and colleagues including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath shaped and dominated the hard rock genre for decades.

With 60 million albums sold to date, Nazareth are among the great names of hard rock.

Their classics - like “Dream On”, “This Flight Tonight”, “Love Hurts”, “Expect No Mercy”, and “Hair Of The Dog”, still rock the world today.

An amazing 47 years after their foundation, the band are still as passionate about playing music as they were at the start.

The superbly spine-tingling rock voice of new singer Carl Sentence is an able successor to band founder Dan McCafferty, who left in 2013.

These mighty veterans of rock will tour again in 2016.


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