OstRock DeLuxe Klassik

"Die Ossis" team up with the Berlin String Ensemble to present a journey back in time through 30 years of rock history in the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany).

Today the GDR is history, but "Ostrock", as rock music from the former East Germany is known, is still vibrantly alive. Ostrock is a unique phenomenon - and has always had a function beyond entertainment.

Ostrock wove tales of space, earth and humanity, communicated hidden messages and provided a soundtrack for whole generations to express their love, frustration and anger - a role it still fulfils today.

These cult hits from the East include "Am Fenster", "Bataillon d‘Amour", "Am Abend mancher Tage" and "Der blaue Planet". Powerful and rich with meaning, they are timeless, universally known and loved.

"OstRock DeLuxe Klassik" is a symphonic fusion of classical and rock.

"Die Ossis" are made up of musicians from the Ostrock scene, with music in their blood and musical roots in bands including "Rockhaus", "Scirocco", "WIR", the "Gaukler", "Dirk-Michaelis-Band" a more. Look forward to the greatest cult hits of East Germany with lavish symphonic arrangements in an atmospheric stage production - look forward to "OstRock DeLuxe Klassik"!

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