Tony Carey first gained international recognition with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow in the mid-Seventies, appearing on the now-classic albums ‘Rising’ and ‘On Stage’, and touring the world in 1975-77.

Carey settled in Germany in 1978, where he developed his singing, songwriting, and producing skills.

In 1982 he released ‘I Won’t be Home Tonight’, charting in America and gaining heavy rotation on MTV.

His alter-ego, ‘Planet P Project’, charted and gained worldwide exposure with ‘Why Me?’, ‘What I See’, and ‘Behind the Barrier’ in 1983. !984 saw the release of ‘Some Tough City’, which yielded two Top 40 American hits: ‘A Fine, Fine Day’ and ‘The First day of Summer’, as well as the release of ‘Pink World’, a double-vinyl Concept album with dystopian themes, which has become a classic in itself.

Carey has released over 40 records to date, including film soundtracks, TV themes, 6 Planet P Project records, and several ‘Greatest Hits’ collections.

He has worked extensively as a producer, with artists as diverse as John Mayall, David Knopfler,

Joe Cocker, Jennifer Rush, Chris Norman, and in Germany, Milva, Anne Haigis, Natacha, and perhaps most importantly, Peter Maffay, who with 45 million sold records ranks as one of Europe’s most successful artists of all time.

A Tony Carey concert is in intimate, emotional evening, marked by anecdotes and memories of his busy life, and carried by his virtuosity on piano and guitar, dominated by his compelling voice and storytelling.

Tony Carey’s innate charm and spontaneous wit make every concert a unique event.

Tony Carey is also available for shows as: ‘Tony Carey’s Rainbow Project: the Dio Years’, playing the ’70’s hard rock with an all-star ensemble.


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