Ray Wilson

ex singer of GENESIS, presents their greatest hits and best from his
solo career

22 years ago Ray sang, co-wrote, and recorded the last Genesis studio album “Calling all Stations”. The album reached Number 2 in both the German and UK Charts and was supported by a 46 date European Tour, which culminated in two headliner shows at Rock in
Park and Rock am Ring.

Prior to Genesis, Ray had enjoyed great success with his band Stiltskin, reaching Number 1 in the UK and MTV European Charts with the song „Inside“ and also his band Cut_ who had participated in sold out stadium tours with Rock Legends The Scorpions and Westernhagen.

During these 2 hour shows, Ray performed songs from his debut solo album, “Change”. As the “Change” album effectively only covered 50 minutes of the show, Ray also performed acoustic arrangements of classic songs from Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford and Stiltskin, including the Number 1 hit “Inside”. This was the beginning of a gradual success and a very satisfying career for Ray, as he was also able to keep control of his own destiny, something he vowed to do after his time with Stiltskin and Genesis. The goal was to slowly build his name by endless touring and regular releases, year on year.

Ray Wilson’s new Double Album “Upon My Life” covers the 20 years since Genesis, during which time Ray has co-written and recorded 9 studio albums, including Solo Work, Stiltskin and Cut. The Double Album captures a wealth of memories and emotions from the Scottish singer’s unique and impressive career. The album also includes 2 brand new tracks; “Come The End of The World” and “I Wait and I Pray”. Both songs inspired by the politically confused, ecologically challenged, and polarised world we now live in.
The album will be released, purposely, to coincide with the day the UK leaves the EU November 1st 2019.

“I see this collection of songs as representing my own spiritual journey. The songs carry a message of peace, love, hope, self-belief, and heart. Each song carries a spiritual message and represents a moment in time for me.”

Ray has been inspired by humanity, more than by events. As life becomes increasingly confusing and disillusioning for people, music can give us a much needed escape. It is important to carry a message of hope, even within a melancholy song. People need support; and music – as well as family and friendship – can give that support.
Music should be like a tonic, and that is what Ray has always strived to create, in his songs and his live performances.
Ray will be touring across Europe in 2023 and 2024.


performed by former frontman Ray Wilson

RAY WILSON, who is regarded as one of the finest singers of Great Britain by “Classic Rock Magazine”, is known for an awesome stage presence and inspiring concerts.

20 years after the release of GENESIS’S last studio album ”CALLING ALL STATIONS”, RAY WILSON and his band will perform some of the best tracks from the album, including hit singles ”CONGO” and ”NOT ABOUT US” and some of the Live favourites like ”THE DIVIDING LINE”, with it’s Epic Drum Solo and Lead Guitar duel. His repertoire contains hits such as the title track ”CALLING ALL STATIONS”, ”NO SON OF MINE”, ”CARPET CRAWLERS”, ”MAMA“, “LAND OF CONFUSION”, “SOLSBURY HILL”, “ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE” – as well as solo hits from Ray’s own solo career.

GENESIS CLASSIC promises to be a special concert experience for everyone who appreciates good and solid live music.

Mainstream-rock made GENESIS to one of the commercially most successful bands in the 80s and 90s. GENESIS sold more than 150 million records worldwide. In March 2010 GENESIS were admitted to the famous “Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame” for being one of the most important and influential bands.