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Rondo Vienna

Since its foundation, Rondo Vienna has become a household name for many music lovers. It is composed of female members and performs in different formations with up to 24 musicians. For years, the orchestra has been a guest at major concert halls such as the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, the Gewandhaus in Leipzig and the Konzerthaus in Vienna.

The repertoire includes not only traditional Viennese music, classical orchestral literature, the great classics of the 20th century such as Gershwin and Morricone, as well as musical and jazz, but in particular a new pop program – a unique interpretation of modern hits, a musical and rhythmic firework of the ensemble carried by virtuoso solo runs of the attractive violinist Barbara Helfgott.


Effective performances

The versatility comes from the musicians that make up the orchestra. Although they all have their roots in classical music and the Viennese musical tradition, the members also include internationally sought-after jazz and pop musicians. The Rondo Vienna is both an independent orchestra and a sought-after accompaniment orchestra for renowned artists.

Effective scenic performances and show interludes are possible due to the musicians’ ability to play from memory. The independence from sheet music and consoles thus achieved creates exceptional freedom of movement and direct contact with the audience. Thanks to the soloistic quality of the orchestra members, the individual voices can be amplified excellently, which makes the Rondo Vienna also excellently suited for large events.



The all-ladies ensemble conveys the typical Viennese attitude to life: upbeat, emotional and full of sensuality. After acclaimed and successful guest performances in many European cities, Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Dubai, Israel and India, German fans can now also look forward to classics of music history in unusual sound garb.

In their unconventional musical language, Rondo Vienna & Barbara Helfgott open up a refreshing approach to works by Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Ludwig van Beethoven. This melodious “body of sound”, led by the exceptional virtuoso Barbara Helfgott, moves not only on classical terrain. Rondo Vienna also refine international pop and rock songs of the present.
Thanks to the soloistic qualities of all orchestra members, the individual voices can be amplified excellently, which makes the Rondo Vienna also excellently suited for large events.

Pop classical productions are booming. For some they are artistic realization, for others musical experimentation. For me they are a reflection of our time`` Barbara Helfgott

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